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The Shop is Closed!

You can come shop in person at our Big Lake location on 3/4 10 am - 12 pm. Anything left over will be listed on the website 3/5 at 9 am. Please subscribe to our email below to get early access to shop online!

Our Big Lake location is located at

10927 W Big Lake Road Unit D

Big Lake, Alaska

We'll be reopening for pre orders again around the end of April.

See you then!

Welcome to The Yellow House!

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Our Products

Each product we offer is thoughtfully made using the best oils and butters we can source. Organic and Fair Trade materials are important to us, as is supporting other small makers whenever possible. Our goat milk soap is made with goat milk sourced from local homesteaders/farmers. You'll find that the majority of our products are tallow based. We source our grass-fed beef tallow from Montana from farmers that are on the smaller scale. Our products are also made fragrance free, you won't find essential oils or fragrance oils in anything we offer. Sensitive, dry, acne prone skin is our main focus, so instead of adding oils that can irritate skin, we infuse the entire plant into the oils we're using. You do not need to isolate the essential oil to benefit from plants!

What does Whole Plant mean?

Small Batch

Everything made in our shop is handmade by one person. Each product is unique and given plenty of love and care. Because of this, the shop is only opened for pre orders every 6 weeks. This allows time in-between updates to rest and rejuvenate creativity. Living in a materialistic world obsessed with consumerism has led us to believe we should have everything NOW. This isn’t sustainable for the creative person or the planet. Please have patience. I promise it’s worth the wait!

We’re very active on Instagram and that’s where you can find exact dates for shop openings and pre order dates.

Our Shop

10927 W Big Lake Rd Unit D
Big Lake, Alaska

By Appointment Only.